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Dr. Deborah Everhart is a Strategist and Innovator, analyzing trends and leading research and innovation in learning and teaching. She teaches as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Georgetown University, most recently teaching a competency-based course on Medieval Thought and Culture in the Liberal Studies program. She has co-led research on competency-based education with the American Council on Education, resulting in a series of roundtables with thought leaders and the publications "Clarifying Competency Based Education Terms: A Lexicon" and "The Currency of Higher Education: Credits and Competencies." She is a contributing member of the IMS Global working groups defining standards for CBE and alternative credentials. She chaired the Badge Alliance working group that defined a conceptual framework and technical standards for badge endorsements in open badges ecosystems. Dr. Everhart has written and presented extensively on medieval literature, emerging technologies, learning analytics, badges, competency-based learning, and the future of learning and teaching.

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