Dewayne Hendricks


Dewayne Hendricks is CEO, of Dandin Group, Inc., a Fremont, California based company which does research and product development in the area of broadband wired and wireless data devices and services. He is also a member of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Technological Advisory Council (TAC ). Prior to that he was General Manager, Wireless Business Unit, for Com21, Inc. Before Com21, he was Co-Principal Investigator on the National Science Foundation Wireless Field Tests for Education project. He was formerly the CEO and co-founder of Tetherless Access Ltd., which was one of the first companies to develop and deploy Part 15 unlicensed wireless metropolitan area data networks which used the TCP/IP protocols. He has participated in the installation of these networks in other parts of the world such as Kenya, Tonga, Mexico, Canada and Mongolia. He has been involved with radio since his teens when he received his amateur radio operator's license. He holds official positions for several non-profit national amateur radio organizations and is a director of the Wireless Communications Alliance, an industry group which represents manufacturers in the unlicensed radio industry. More information on Dewayne is available at and you can email him at [email protected].

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