Diane Reddy


Diane M. Reddy, Professor of Psychology developed the highly effective, technology-enabled U-Pace instructional approach and has extensive experience teaching thousands of U-Pace students, and training U-Pace instructors. She is PI on a four-year randomized controlled evaluation study of U-Pace that is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences (IES). Dr. Reddy is also co-PI on an EDUCAUSE funded through Next Generation Learning Challenges project disseminating U-Pace. She is recipient of the 2011 Joanne Lazirko Award for Excellence in Teaching with Technology. Dr. Reddy's career of distinguished teaching has also been recognized with four other prestigious awards: the 2007 Regent'™s Teaching Award from the University of Wisconsin-System, the 2006 UWM Alumni Award for Teaching Excellence, the 2001 UWM Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award and the 1999 Martine D. Meyer Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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