Dima Tawakkol


▪ High-performing Senior-level IT leader with 20 years expertise in transforming organizational vision into strategic plans with achievable solutions, producing successful results, delivering strategically and complex projects. 
▪ Carried multiple organizational transformations that produced significant operational efficiencies and cost savings, using advanced Information Technology solutions.
▪ Implemented multimillion-dollar projects with a return on investment of $14M yearly savings
▪ Deployed over 17,130 Point of Sales workstations, 3,010 servers across Australia, Europe, Latin America and the United States for one of the world’s largest pizza franchisors.
▪ Managed the Implementation of the first centralized High Performance Research Storage Service (1petabyte). A key competitive advantage toward the university’ Research mission.
▪ Co-Chair of the Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee
▪ Master’s Degree in Information Systems; spoken and written fluency in English, Arabic and French