DONALD Costello


Donald F. Costello Associate Professor Emeritus Department of Computer Science

                                                                                                ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````Instructor Analytics

University of Nebraska Lincoln, NE 68508-0115 ·       01-0402-472-5758

[email protected]


Recent Activities


Computer Science and Engineering

Software Engineering, Cryptography and Network Security, Computational Intelligence. Computer Performance Modeling.

Business Analytics



Applied Research

ERP Systems

Value of Decision Theory when Applied to Supply Chain Attack

Performance Modeling, Computational Science

IT Security Management in an era of expanding attacks.

Computational Intelligence, Computer Science and Management



Distinguished Lecturer ACM, Fellow British Computer Society, Arista, Scholarship La Salle Academy, Manhattan College, University of Notre Dame, University of Nebraska, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Xi, and many academic lecturing awards

\ Related Positions and Consultancies

Business Work Experience

                                           USAF Intelligence Officer

                                           Airborne Telecommunications Officer

                                           President Costello & Associates



University Work Experience

College of Business Administration University of Nebraska

Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Management at the University of Nebraska – 2000- 2016

Senior Management Consultant and Scholar - NCITE Project

Visiting Lecturer University of Notre Dame - 2011

Research Scholar International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis 2000- 2018

                                    Full Member of the Graduate College since 1985

                                    Assistant Professor University of Wisconsin 1975

                                    Assistant Professor Colorado State University 1978

*                                  Management Consultant - Integrated Systems- Thyson Elevator

*                                  Project Leader - SAP Field Team (SM, PS, SD)

*                                  E-Commerce Testing and Capacity Planning

*                                  Data Base Manager -

* *                               Project Manager - Banking

*                                  Project Manager - Insurance

*                                  Project Consultant - Manufacturing

*                                  Project Consultant- Education

*                                  IT Consultant - United Nations – World Bank

Have consulted on Analytic aspects of IT with over one hundred organizations throughout the world.

Selected Courses Taught


Mathematical Statistics Computer Simulation and Modeling IT Network Security Computer Performance Computer Organization Business Analytics Testing Software Cryptography Data Base Management Computer Simulation and Modeling Systems Design and Analysis Computational Intelligence Performance Management and Capacity Planning Software Engineering Courses – Java, Visual Basic, Pascal, C++, FORTRAN, APL, HTML, XML Business Systems Modeling – MIS




1963 ­ 1987– with breaks              Administrator/Associate Professor/Senior Management Consultant/ Senior Lecturer/ Research Associate Professor: In administrative role at the University of Nebraska. I was responsible for line and staff functions delivering information processing services to a multi-campus university. At the same time, I designed and taught graduate and undergraduate courses in the departments of Computer Science, Statistics and Management Science.

                                                       Big Data design and Data collection

                                                       Network Security Courses and Consulting

2013 – Present        

Representative Project Experience


Director Statistical Laboratory University of Nebraska and Colorado State University


            IT Security Consultant. University of Nebraska Guest Lecturer Security Awareness Month October 2018


IBM ERP Implementation PAC Worldwide Redmond WA 2018


            Senior management Consultant – Review and assess technical aspects of CLASS Project, a $15M Department of Education sponsored project. 2014


Senior management Consultant - Contribute to the Research and development of e-Learning plans for universities.


Team Lead and Senior Management Consultant of corporate-wide systems project for an international Fortune 500 organization seeking to meet Y2K requirements through a RAD conversion to SAP. Served in a staff position, advising corporate executives while heading up Service Management (SM), Project Systems (PS) and Sales and Distribution (SD), Testing and Training teams. Coordinated testing in an advanced manufacturing facility. Advised firm on Y2K potential problems and solutions.


Project Manager: Pioneer Project for regional banking establishment attempting to update service bureau software to meet requirements for two hundred banks in their client base.


Senior Management Consultant and Project Manager for Insurance Company attempting to set up a Risk Retention Group in a brief period to meet demands placed by client base. Established infrastructure in 151 days.


Senior Management Consultant for German Systems Project involving planning, development of small community lying South of Leipzig concerned with providing employment opportunities in the IT world.






BS                   Mathematics, Manhattan College New York,

MS                  Mathematics, University of Notre Dame

Ph. D Work     Mathematical Statistics University of Nebraska