Donna Tatro


Donna Tatro is Associate Chief Information Officer for Enterprise Infrastructure Services and serves as the Chief Technology Officer. In this role she collaborates with campus stakeholders in shaping the university's technological infrastructure, ensuring that it supports the institution’s mission and the needs of the university community.

Every day she looks forward to early morning walks with her Labrador Retriever. She holds an MS from Cornell University and an MBA from Drexel University.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Lessons Learned--and To Be Learned
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    If you've ever thought that learning more about how your organization operates might help you become more successful in your role, I recommend pursuing an MBA.

  • Strategizing About Change
    • Article
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    Some years ago the communications director at my institution gave a presentation on the keys to good communications and the ways to make sure your message is heard: Keep your message short and simple.

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