Eamon Diab


Eamon Diab is the IT Program Manager at START. In this capacity, his tasks fall into three primary areas: - Engaging START’s research community by conducting an initial consultation regarding IT needs and the role of IT in improving research transition. Such consultation will provide the consortium’s research community with a better understanding of a project’s IT needs within its life cycle and beyond. - Taking the lead role in upgrading START’s technology infrastructure in partnership with the Division of Information Technology and the Office of Academic Computing Services (OACS) in BSOS. The objective of this upgrade is to improve and diversify START’s technological prowess by leveraging open source information technologies made available to START’s web developers in a stable and secure environment. - Designing and implementing standard IT project management protocols pertaining to requirements discovery and change management procedures to better identify research project’s life cycle and balance this relationship with potential IT needs and solutions. Eamon has in excess of 20 years of experience in various facets of information technology services ranging from hardware and software architecture, data analysis for statistical reporting, to application development in all three traditional software cultures, stand-alone, client-server and web based systems. He is also the original data architect for START's normalized, relational, implementation of the Global Terrorism Database (GTD), as well as the application architect for START's online Project Administration and Workflow System (PAWS). Eamon's portfolio also includes application architecture and data architecture in support of various resilience research projects such as the "Integrated Conception of Community Resilience", and risk communication management research projects, as well as data integration projects such as the "Integrated U.S. Security Database (IUSSD)" and numerous other research and administrative projects in START. In previous work Eamon was an IT System Analyst in the Student Application Service's group of the Division of Information Technology at the University of Maryland. In this role he was responsible for user requirements, gathering and documentation, as well as application development in support of various student administration units on campus. Eamon received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University at Buffalo, State University of New York.