Ed Walker


Ed Walker is a consultant in general management and strategy for deploying educational technology. He brings broad experience in cognitive science, research and development and business development to his leadership consulting practice. He is a member of the SIIA Post-Secondary Board and Technical and Development Committee, He was Chief Executive Officer of the IMS Global Learning Consortium for 6 years and co-chair of the MERLOT Advisory Board and the Advisory Board of the MIT Open Knowledge Initiative. Prior to IMS Ed was a Visiting Scientist with the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University and a Vice President of business development for BBN Systems and Technologies. At BBN he directed projects in intelligent tutoring, knowledge representation and management, distributed collaboration, command and control and logistics planning. He was also a Principal Research Scientist at the Center for Cognitive Science at MIT, where he was a founding member. Ed earned his doctorate in Psycholinguistics from Indiana University and did post-graduate work at MIT, at St. Andrews University, Scotland, and at the MIT Sloan School.

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  • IMS Update
    • NLII Annual Conference 2005 , January 24