Edward Jensen


Edward Jensen is on the Digital Knowledge Support team at the Arizona State University College of Public Programs. He works with the College’s information technology department and faculty to facilitate online learning and research emerging technologies as they might be used by the next generation of public servants. In addition, Mr. Jensen is a student at ASU’s School of Public Affairs pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Urban & Metropolitan Studies. Also in the Barrett Honors College, he is working on his undergraduate thesis by studying how neighborhood organizations generate political capital to alter institutional networks. Mr. Jensen is the President of the Barrett Honors College Leadership and Service Team at the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus, where he connects students and community partners to help promote ownership and pride in the area around the campus. He is also the Past President of the Urbanites Association of the ASU School of Public Affairs. An accomplished musician, he was Principal Percussion for the Phoenix Symphony Youth Orchestra from 2004-2005 and Principal Tympani from 2005-2006. Mr. Jensen is on the conducting staff of the Phoenix Camerata, a local community chorus founded in 2009 by alumni of Arizona School for the Arts. An avid user of social media, he blogs and tweets and somehow finds a way to integrate them seamlessly into his studies. His blog focuses on emerging technologies but it includes news and rants pertinent to life in Downtown Phoenix. The blog’s address is http://www.edwardjensen.net/. You can also find him tweeting at http://twitter.com/edwardjensen.