Elizabeth Clune-Kneuer


Elizabeth Clune-Kneuer is the Director of Institutional Research & Reporting at Prince George's Community College in Largo, MD. Elizabeth has received fellowships from the Association of Institutional Research (AIR) / Nation Center for Education Statistics (NCES) support her Graduate Certificate from the Pennsylvania State University and another from Association for Institutional Research (AIR) / National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)/ National Science Foundation (NSF) for the Data National Policy Institute. Elizabeth served on the 2018 Program Committee and was a founding member of the Young Professional Advisor Council.  She is a past president of the Maryland Association for Institutional Research (MdAIR). She is also a prior Steering Committee member and past Membership Chair for North East Association for Institutional Research (NEAIR). She is a frequent presenter at EDUCAUSE, AIR, NEAIR and MdAIR. Elizabeth is also a current IPEDS Trainer and has had articles published in NASPA & The Student Affairs Feature. In 2015, she has received a Diane Balestri Memorial Scholarship to support attendance at her first EDUCAUSE Annual Conference event in 2016. She is also active on Twitter through the Twitter handle @eliza_c_k. Elizabeth has a B.A. in Economics & East Asian Studies from the University of Delaware, a M.Ed. in Social Foundations from the University of Virginia and a Graduate Certificate in Institutional Research from Penn State.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Growing an IR and IT Garden
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    Just as sunlight and water are key complements to the growth of plantings, the IR and IT offices need to collaborate, since each has a complementary role that is critical to the other.

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