Liz Dorland


Liz Bio My academic interests center on theories of learning as applied to student learning of scientific concepts from visualizations. Liz Dorland is an education specialist, and the Communications Director for the new US DOE-funded Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center at Washington University in St. Louis. She supports faculty and Science Outreach staff in curriculum and grants development and in adopting new technologies for teaching and learning. Liz taught general and organic chemistry at a number of community colleges and universities around the USA for over 35 years. From 1985 to 2006 Liz taught in the Maricopa County Community College District in Arizona. She reviews frequently for the National Science Foundation and has been a chemistry program officer in the NSF Division of Undergraduate Education, Directorate of Education and Human Resources (2003-2004). Areas of expertise include immersive virtual environments, social media, faculty development, and research-based applications of visualization and history/philosophy of science in teaching. She presents frequently at conferences and workshops. Liz is the Chair of the Gordon Research Conference on Visualization in Science and Education for 2011 (vice-chair for 2009).