Elizabeth Hanson-Smith


Dr. Elizabeth Hanson-Smith is former Coordinator and co-founder of the graduate TESOL program at CSU, Sacramento. An educational technology consultant, her publications include _CALL Environments: Research, Practice, and Critical Issues_ (co-edited with Joy Egbert), and _Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments_. She was lead designer for the Oxford Picture Dictionary CD and helped create Live Action English and Spanish, CD versions of TPR. She conducts online courses using collaborative tools and manages Real English Online, a group for teachers using video and audio, and Academic Writing, where students can use exercises based on her award-winning software, Constructing the Paragraph. For the past two years she directed the Coordination Team for the TESOL CALL Interest Section's Electronic Village Online, a set of free, wholly online, 6-week workshops with over 30 moderators serving over 1,000 ESL/EFL teachers all over the globe. Current projects include a new book on CMC, _Language Learning Through Technology_ (co-edited with Sarah Rilling), and second edition of _CALL Environments_, both texts to appear in 2006.