Ellen (she/her) Hogan


Ellen Hogan (she/her) is a strong advocate of digital accessibility at the University of Denver and in higher education. In her role in the Office of Teaching and Learning as the Accessibility Technologist for Learning and Instruction, Ellen supports faculty members in the development of inclusive, accessible course content and materials. She believes in proactively acknowledging and removing barriers for all students, especially for students who utilize assistive technology. Ellen promotes the principles of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as they align with her mission of enhancing inclusivity for all students, with or without official accommodations. Ellen supports 21st-century teaching and learning by encouraging faculty members to consider how they can incorporate accessibility into their curriculum, allowing for their students to be better prepared to make the world a more inclusive, accessible place for all. Ellen spent six years teaching special education in the K-12 setting prior to transitioning to higher education. Ellen decided to join the higher education profession in hopes of making a greater impact on the student and faculty experience.

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