Ellen Wagner


Ellen works with higher ed and corporate clients to make better strategic use of emerging technologies. She is a member of the Affiliate Faculty of the College of Education and the College of Performing and Visual Arts, George Mason University. She supports the IEEE IC Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering. Ellen was Vice President, Research for Hobsons, an educational software company, from 2016-2018. She co-founded the Predictive Analytics Reporting (PAR) Framework, and served as chief strategy officer from its inception in 2010 until its acquisition by Hobsons in 2016. Prior to PAR Framework, she was Vice-President Technology of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, which included serving as Executive Director of WICHE’s Cooperative for Educational Technologies. She was ED of WCET from 2009 to 2013. Ellen is the former senior director of worldwide eLearning, Adobe Systems, Inc. and was senior director of worldwide education for Macromedia, Inc. at the time of its acquisition by Adobe. As Chief Learning Officer at both Informania, Inc. and Viviance new Education, AG, she supervised the developments of corporate education, learning content and courses, featuring programs including Novell, Inc. certifications and 12 of the original CBE programs offered by Western Governors University. Dr. Wagner's prior career as a tenured university professor and administrator featured positions as Chair of the Educational Technology Program at the University of Northern Colorado, Academic Affairs Coordinator of Instructional and Research Technologies and Director of the Western Institute for Distance Education. She was also Visiting Scholar and Project Director at the Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunication, Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education. She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder

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