Elly Kleinman


Elly Kleinman is an American business executive and philanthropist. Kleinman is best known as the founder and CEO of Americare Companies, home health care company located in Brooklyn, NY. Elly Kleinman is also the Co-Chairman of OHEL Board of Directors, Chairman of Camp Kylie Board of Trustees and Former Trustee of the Maimonides Medical Center. He is also involved in the Jewish religious and communal life from education and publications to social services.

Elly Kleinman was born in 1952, to Ethel Kleinman and Reb Avrohom Isaac, both survivors of the Holocaust, who left Europe for America in 1949. After graduating with a Bachelor degree in Psychology at Brooklyn College, Kleinman started working and has since built a successful career in the home healthcare industry.

Elly Kleinman has been helping to provide home health care to patients in need for over thirty years. In the late 1970s, Elly Kleinman worked in a management position for Quality Care, a national home health care company. In 1982, Mr. Kleinman founded his own home healthcare service provider, The Americare Companies, which is still serving the New York City metropolitan area to this day.

Mr. Kleinman is the president and CEO of The Americare Companies, where he manages and supervises the day-to-day operations of one of New York’s largest home health care services. The Americare Companies have grown over the past three decades to serve over 14 counties in New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley Region. The services offered by The Americare Companies include occupational therapy, physical therapy, specialized care for patients with behavioral and developmental disorders, nationwide professional staffing services, nursing, and various other essential in-home health care services.

As a resident of Brooklyn, Elly Kleinman Americare Companies is extremely active and supportive as a member of various boards and community organizations, as well as a charitable donor to numerous charities in the area. When not managing The Americare Companies, Mr. Kleinman is often listening to music, traveling, or helping extend the reach of educational services throughout his community. Elly Kleinman is also extremely devoted and active within the Jewish community, and is a supporter of many cultural, educational, and medical organizations, including the Artscroll-Mesorah Heritage Foundation, the Kleinman Family Holocaust Education Center, Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services, Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society, Maimonides Medical Center, and the Torah Academy of Brooklyn, among many others.