Emory Craig


As Director of eLearning at the College of New Rochelle, Emory Craig is responsible for broad range of instructional technology initiatives, faculty development and the integration of emerging technologies into the learning environment. A Frye Institute Fellow and active participant in EDUCAUSE, ACM, and AACE, he has written and presented extensively at both national and international conferences on innovation in education and the impact of the digital revolution on contemporary culture. His research focuses on the sensory and cognitive implications of wearable technology and virtual reality in the learning environment. He is actively involved in the New York City startup community and the co-founder and Partner at Digital Bodies, an online resource and consulting group focusing on the impact of immersive and wearable technologies on education and society. He is currently teaching an interdisciplinary seminar on the evolution of new media and its impact on society.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • VR & AR: Driving a Revolution in Medical Education & Patient Care
    • Blog

    One of the most exciting developments in virtual reality has been its rapid entry into medical education and healthcare, where researchers, doctors, and nurse educators are discovering innovative ways to transform both healthcare teaching and practice.

  • AR and VR in STEM: The New Frontiers in Science
    • Blog

    Virtual and Augmented Reality are poised to profoundly transform the STEM curriculum. In this blog, we offer several inspiring examples and key insights on the future of immersive learning and the sciences.

  • A New World: VR and AR Tech Developments
    • Blog

    With new patent filings, talent acquisition and the rapid developments in both hardware and software, it’s an exciting time in the immersive technology space.

EDUCAUSE Presentations

EDUCAUSE Involvement

  • Advisory Committee on Teaching and Learning
    • Member: 2005 - 2008
  • SAC Program Committee
    • Member: 2002 - 2003