Erin Czerwinski


Erin Czerwinski, is the Manager, Learning Engineering and Technology Enhanced Learning Product, for The Simon Initiative and The Open Learning Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University.  Erin also serves on the steering committee of the IEEE IC Consortium for Learning Engineering (ICICLE), has authored several chapters in The Learning Engineering Toolkit (Goodell & Kolodner 2023), and is the Chair for the 2023 ICICLE Conference. Erin has deep expertise defining and using learning science methodologies, best practices, and product quality guidelines to deliver impactful learning experiences. She has over fifteen years of experience effectively designing, implementing, evaluating, and improving online courses, curricula, and platforms. Erin has provided curriculum leadership at Western Governor’s University, and was the Director of Learning Engineering at Acrobatiq, Inc. after serving in a Learning Engineering position with CMU’s OLI. She holds an MS in Education from Duquesne University, specializing in instructional technologies. More at