Erin Glass


I recently joined UCSD as the Digital Humanities Coordinator, a newly-formed pilot position split between the Library and the Division of Arts and Humanities. Prior to my move, I served as a Digital Fellow at The CUNY Graduate Center where I worked with Matt Gold (Editor of Debates in the Digital Humanities) on multiple participatory software initiatives that fostered collaborative research and pedagogy, including Social Paper, which received a 2014 NEH Digital Start-Up grant. Currently, I’m in the early stages of planning ways to cultivate DH at UCSD with an emphasis on lowering barriers to participation as well as and customizing programming to attract new and diverse participants. As a member of the ECAR/CNI DH Working Group, I’m interested in thinking through how attention to the politics of software can be sustained through DH initiatives as well as exchanging ideas about how to assess institutional success in DH.

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EDUCAUSE Involvement

  • ECAR/CNI Digital Humanities Working Group
    • Member: 2016 - 2019