Ernest Penland


As the Director of Advancement & Marketing Applications within Enterprise Systems, I am accountable for overseeing the successful delivery and support of a diverse portfolio of enterprise applications dedicated to advancement and marketing services. This includes managing both vendor applications and in-house development, as well as ensuring ongoing maintenance.

In this leadership role, I provide direction and guidance to the Advancement & Marketing Applications team, orchestrating their efforts through effective planning, organization, and staffing. Collaboration with various university offices is integral to my responsibilities, as I analyze requirements and develop recommendations for supporting and enhancing business processes, thereby maximizing benefits for the university.

Additionally, I am responsible for strategizing and executing the delivery and implementation of new services, as well as providing unwavering support to existing ones. A focal point of my role is continuously driving process improvement initiatives to optimize the quality and efficiency of our services.

As the Director, I am dedicated to fostering a culture of best practices and efficiencies among the technical staff under my purview. My active participation in defining and implementing strategic goals for Enterprise Systems further contributes to the organization's overall success.

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