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Ethan Benatan began his work in higher ed IT during 1990s, and since then has served in roles from graduate assistant to vice president and chief information officer. He has held positions at Reed College, Marylhurst University, Duquesne University, and (as a graduate student) at the University of Pittsburgh and Brookhaven National Laboratory. He is a NITLE Fellow, a Fellow of the American Leadership Forum (Oregon chapter) and a graduate of the Frye Institute. Dr. Benatan has published and presented widely including through EDUCAUSE, the Association for Computing Machinery, the Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges, Academic Commons, and theAmerican International Consortium of Academic Libraries. He served on the EDUCAUSE 20/20 advisory panel, as editor for New Horizons department of EDUCAUSE Review, and on the ACM/SIGUCCS board. Dr. Benatan's passion for higher education is expressed through his work in organizational development, institutional alignment, technology-facilitated community, and future-focused planning informed by large-scale trends in technology, the academy, and the economy. A recipient of the National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship, he received his Ph.D. in computational biology from the University of Pittsburgh in 1999 for work in the areas of artificial intelligence and three-dimensional protein structure.

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  • Why a Job Is Like a Fish
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    Ethan Benatan is VP and CIO at Marylhurst University. He is Editor of the EDUCAUSE Review New Horizons department for 2012.

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