Ethan Crawford


Ethan Crawford was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He was a child during the dawn of the information age, and learned how to use computers at home in the 1980s, using DOS computer systems with dial-up Internet.

From a young age Ethan pursued interests in journalistic storytelling, from dark-room photography to stop-action claymation videography through the 1990s. Ethan studied broadcast journalism at the CU Boulder School of Journalism & Mass Communication, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Production Management. He later completed a Master of Arts degree in International Security at the University of Denver Josef Korbel School of International Studies, and a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems. Ethan continues his informal study in a variety subjects, such as International Relations, Geospatial Storytelling, Instructional Design, and Network Videography. 

Currently, Ethan teaches university courses and works at the University of Denver Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies. As an adjunct professor, Ethan teaches courses in Digital Storytelling, Video Production for Social Media, and Field Production & Editing at the undergraduate and graduate levels. As Director of Technical Services and Head of Information Technology, Ethan leads the department's Technology Team, and manages a broad portfolio for the department, including information technology and audiovisual infrastructure, online & hybrid curriculum & instructional design, classroom & building management, equipment inventory and rental administration, computer lab management, frontline technical support, and physical plant managagement. Prior to this position, he served as Digital Instruction Specialist for ten years with the DU Graduate School of Social Work. Ethan has worked in EdTech (Educational Technology) since 1999 as a "bugbuster" IT support technician at the University of Colorado. 

Ethan has traveled extensively and regularly seeks exposure to new and different people, places, and cultures. Ethan speaks a bit of Portuguese, Spanish, and mostly English, and is known to converse in a number of technological languages. He occasionally works as a freelance producer in documentary film, and also directs livestream video production for events in the Denver metro area. Ethan is often seen with his canine companion, Suki the Border Collie.