Ethan Martinez


I got my start in Network Engineering a Freshman in College who had a simple thought in my mind "Why is the WiFi in my dorm so slow?" Well that simple thought turned into a nearly 4 year long endeavour that by the end of it, I graduated feeling like I had made a change in the lives of every student on that campus by allowing my passion to drive me towards a solution and saw it to implementation. The one simple thought has driven me ever since except it has evolved into "how can I improve those around me, the networks around me, the user experience, and myself."
While the statements change, my eagerness does not. I am a recent graduate with experience in Information Technologies varying from small single office businesses all the way up to large Fortune 500 and 1000 companies. I am well versed in switching, routing, cabling, and troubleshooting as well as have great skills in working with people. My experience does not stop there and I feel it well expresses in everything I do.