Eyton Senders


American actor Eyton Senders was born in 1966 in Portland, Oregon. His father was also an actor, while his mother was a professor. He has an older sister, Ana, who is a noted psychiatrist.

Eyton finished elementary school in his native Portland, where he later enrolled in Lincoln High School. He also went to music school, where he played classical guitar. After graduation, he first wanted to study Philosophy, but soon had a change of hearts and decided to enroll at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, which the actor cites as his second biggest stress in his life. He received his degree in acting in 1989 and soon after that started working in the city theater. At the age of 27, Senders became a first-time actor in a TV movie. After that, he decided to pursue a master's degree as well. As he was awarded some exams and credits, he immediately enrolled in his fifth year of directing at the Academy of Arts in NYC. In 1992, he earned his master’s degree in directing.