Francisca Yonekura


Francisca Yonekura is Associate Department Head at the Center for Distributed Learning. She oversees the Learning Systems and Technology group which specializes in the areas of online course production, web development, and integration of learning technologies in support of the digital learning mission of UCF. Other areas of her responsibility entail the provision of workflow, client relationship management, and reporting systems for the daily operations of the department. Francisca has coordinated the procurement of trademarks for a couple of online learning systems developed in-house. One of these learning systems was recently recognized with the WCET Outstanding Work. Francisca has presented at several venues such as Educause, Educause Learning Initiative, New Media Consortium, and SLOAN-ALN. As a strong believer of service to the profession, she has served on a variety of peer review, advisory, and special project committees. Her areas of interest are emerging technologies, innovation, game-based learning, and immersive learning environments.

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