Francisca Yonekura


Dr. Francisca Yonekura leads the Learning Systems & Technology group within the Center for Distributed Learning at the University of Central Florida. In her role, she oversees course and web development, integrations of learning applications, and data science engineering. Francisca and her team provide the software architecture and development along with data science engineering to support the digital learning needs of UCF’s students, faculty, and staff. Many of their apps and solutions have been nationally recognized with prestigious awards, open sourced and licensed by fellow institutions. Francisca has facilitated the procurement of  trademarks for a few of the custom-built instructional web applications and the Techrangers service mark. As a strong believer of service to the profession, she has served on a variety of peer review, advisory, and special project committees at the state level, nationally, and internationally. Francisca’s interest focuses on enabling emerging technologies for learning and creativity.