Frank Piscitello


Frank started at WCU managing the student helpdesk and 200 PC computer lab running Windows for Workgroups. He was known as the keeper of the BitNet “List of Lists” until new technology such as Gopher, WAIS and HTTP became popular. During his tenure at WCU he managed the MS-Mail and migration to Exchange 2000 and provided support to the network team by managing the DEC Ultrix machines running BOOTP and BIND.

Currently, he is the CISO at WCU but still keeps his fingers in the Microsoft server operations. He is involved deeply in managing the complicated identity management processes. He currently co-chairs committees discussing Identity Management, Policy Development, Data Classification and Disaster Recovery Drills. He is also a named security contact for the Computer Science Department’s NSF grant for Information Security, member of the local ISSA Organization and certified CISSP.

Off campus, he’s married, the father of 3 children (3, 10 and 15), and the owner of a Catahoula Leopard Dog mix. He also has been an active Advanced-EMT volunteer and instructor with the local ambulance company as well as faculty advisor to the WCU Campus EMS squad.

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