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Francis J. Monaco (Frank) 914-298-0563 [email protected] Information Technology Strategic Leader SUMMARY A strategic, professional and seasoned Information Technology (I.T.) leader with widespread, diverse and successful experience as Chief Information Officer and Vice President for Information Technology. Truly unique I. T. leadership skills meticulously honed in both the military and academia – have worked with many leading vendors, systems and service providers. • West Point trained leader - extensive leadership/management experience as a Commissioned United States Army Officer (retired as a full Colonel); • Significant information systems experience in both I.T. senior/strategic management and technical/tactical areas (to include systems analysis, acquisition, implementation, management, operation and maintenance); • Chief Information Officer (CIO)/Vice President, Information Technology experience at two major United States Universities and numerous Army installations; • Strong background in I.T./Computer Science education (Assistant Professor, Associate Dean); • Wealth of expertise bringing new systems on line for new, large, and/or extremely complex organizations; • Well versed in converged data, voice and video IP networking; wireless implementations; web services for students and employees; Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) systems; distributed learning; I.T. Disaster Recovery; • Experience in professionally and equitably dealing with students, faculty, staff, researchers, alumni, friends, the government and the public and providing effective, efficient and innovative 24x7x365 ethic-based customer service and I. T. support. EXPERIENCE Chief Information Officer (CIO)/Vice President, I. T., PACE University, NY 1997-2008 Following my last assignment on Active Duty, United States Army, took over as the first Vice President for Information Technology/Chief Information Officer for Pace University (Doctoral Intensive), with 9 Campus Sites (and approximately 13,500 students) in Westchester County and New York City, NY. • Cited as a “National Treasure” during the out brief of the New York State’s accreditation of our Distance Education programs- Pace University’s IT infrastructure and management were key factors to our accreditation; • Made the Yahoo-Internet-Life Survey of the top wired Universities the last two years the survey was conducted; • After suffering devastating losses during the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center (the Pace University World Trade Institute was on the 55th floor of WTC #1), Pace University restored business continuity (in two days) and connectivity within 7 days; • Consolidated Academic and Administrative I.T. Resources under a central I.T. organization called the Division of Information Technology (DoIT, see, over 115 technical personnel); • Installed Internet2 and wide area data (to include Ubiquitous/wireless WI-FI), video and voice networks and “converged” them with proactively managed Gigabit Ethernet; student telephone resale; video conferencing; distributed learning infrastructure; • Delivered on time and on budget comprehensive entirely new (web-based, self service) administrative services (SunGard Higher Education’s (SGHE) Banner Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System) University wide; • Because of the success of the ERP implementation, keynoted on SGHE’s behalf in Santiago, Chile and Dubai, UAE; • Implemented “Smart” card technology; • One stop/self-service online I.T. Help Desk and world class ethic-based customer service and I.T. support; • I. T. liaison officer training program for all departments/agencies/residence halls at Pace; • Formalization of I.T. strategic plans, policies, budgets and procedures. Chief Information

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