Fred Kass


Fred Kass is Assistant Vice President for Information Services and Associate CIO at Trinity College. He is responsible for budgeting, planning and operations of most back-end components of Information Services including campus networks, wireless, servers, storage arrays, firewalls, machine rooms, network closets, security cameras, underground low voltage cables, client computers, telephones, cable television, and access control devices.

Throughout his higher education information technology career, he has been a strong proponent of inter-institutional collaboration. He is a member of the Connecticut Education Network Technical Advisory Council, Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology Infrastructure Advisory Council, as well as a Board Member and Treasurer of NERCOMP. Fred was Principle Investigator for the National Science Foundation grant CC*DNI Campus Design: Trinity College Next Generation Science Network and DMZ. 

Fred has an MBA from the University of Massachusetts Isenberg School of Management and is an alum of the EDUCAUSE Leadership Institute and CLIR/EDUCAUE Leading Change Institute.

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