Fredric Freeman


Fredric V Freeman (MS UX/UI) is an artist by heart with the brain of a scientist. He’s always had a passion for art, music, poetry, space, history, dinosaurs, fashion, technology, video games, etc. Fredric’s education and professional background has luckily lead him on journey to be able to work in numerous fields. His work has included everything from award winning animations for financial institutions, designing and developing applications for companies like Pfizer, to creatively directing and producing visuals for fashion shows. He is also certified in biomedical research, and has developed virtual reality patient education tools for use in future clinical trials. Freeman also runs a creative services agency, Kuzu Creative House, that focuses on collaboration, UX, and art. Currently he is teaching at The College of Architecture and Built Environment at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. He also serves as a visiting artist for Sam Houston State University in Texas. The core focus of his academic work is developing new content and curriculum centered around Virtual and Augmented Reality. He has also taught for TJU’s Animation program, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, and UX Grad program. Fredric’s pedagogical approach focuses on a combination of primary and secondary research along with creative development to aid learners in synthesizing new information. The root of Fredric’s teaching philosophy can be found within the concept of transdisciplinary thinking. “Through the exploration of disparate fields of study, cross pollination naturally occurs, resulting in new and original solutions.”