Fredrick Hagemeister


I am the research analyst in the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology at the University of Richmond. In that capacity, I collaborate with information services departments to develop the infrastructure for supporting advanced computing needs for research. My long-term interests are in data fluency and visualization, pathfinding support for emerging technologies, and chemistry education. I am currently excited about 3D printing and thinking about what it has to offer the liberal arts in such a way as to bring mechanical/tactile learning into what is often a theoretical focus. I have been an instructional technologist for 10 years with my earliest efforts working in the sciences at Grinnell College. Prior to that, I taught chemistry at Oberlin College. Further back, I completed a research postdoctoral fellowship in physical chemistry at Northwestern University and with my Ph.D. in physical chemistry and M.S. in chemical education at Purdue University. I also served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a combat engineer and demolitions expert.

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