Gail Gallo


Gail Gallo is the Director of Computer Services' Instructional Support and Technology Training at Temple University. In this role, she oversees the operation of three Instructional Support Centers located among Temple campuses. Her responsibilities include supporting faculty use and training on instructional technology tools for use in the face-to-face classroom and the evaluation of emerging technology tools for potential use at Temple. Gail has worked closely with University administrative offices and departments for the development and implementation of specialized training events and the design and delivery of online training content to communicate new business processes to the Temple community. Gail's career also includes experience consulting with instructors on the effective use of technology in the classroom and has worked closely with them to help them integrate appropriate technologies into their curricula. Gail has taught courses in Computer-Based Instruction and the Effective Use of Instructional Technology in the Classroom. Gail has a BA degree from Temple University Tyler School of Art and a M.Ed. from Temple University College of Education.

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