Gary Szabo


Gary Szabo has been employed in the Information Technology field since the mid-1980s. Gary worked his way from being a Project Manager for a management consultancy up to several senior positions in higher education and the private sector. Gary's prior Director-level positions have been with Centralia College and the University of Washington. Management positions have been with Capital Systems Group, the University of Tulsa, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma and now the Tulsa Area United Way. Prior to joining the Tulsa Area United Way, he ran Mindful Technologies, a management consulting firm that specialized in network engineering and strategic information technology services for small and medium-sized firms, many of which are TAUW partner agencies and supporting foundations. Gary likes to say he grew up with computer technology.He learned programming via punch-cards on TU's Honeywell-Bull CP6 mainframe and on a DEC PDP-11/70. Gary is passionate about helping folks make the best use of information resources.