Gavin Cooney


Gavin Cooney is the co-founder and CEO of Learnosity. Gavin started Learnosity to realize a grand ambition: to give education the standard of technology it deserves. Having taught at third-level himself as a lecturer of Information Systems at University College Dublin, Gavin knows first hand just how difficult it is to keep students engaged and on track. Frustrated by the sluggish rate of innovation within assessment products, Gavin came to understand that APIs had the potential to supercharge the whole industry. 

What began as a project in a garden shed has matured into an internationally renowned tech company with an 80-strong crew of problem-solvers. Gavin co-founded Learnosity with longtime buddy and exceptional engineer Mark Lynch, who is now the CTO of the company. Starting small, the pair founded Learnosity as an edtech consultancy business, but the company’s defining moment came in 2011 when Learnosity found its niche and shifted to a SaaS model. Following more than a decade of proven results, Learnosity now powers the learning experience for 15 million monthly active users.

Gavin grew up in the small Irish town of Drogheda, about an hour north of Dublin city, but now lives in Australia. Gavin is a big-hearted adventurer, big-picture thinker, and a perennial optimist who (under normal, non-pandemic circumstances) loves music festivals and gigs, traveling, and is known for his karaoke prowess.