Gayleen Gray


I am the Assistant Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at McMaster University. I am responsible for leading our enterprise IT strategy, including all aspects of a strong, secure, productive higher education IT environment. I work collaboratively with the insitution's leadership team, colleagues and IT personnel across the campus to ensure that McMaster's research, teaching and learning initiatives are supported and enabled by our campus systems and infrastructure.  

I am fortunate to have relationships and engagements with Higher Education IT peers across Canada and in the US in order to further our collective areas of interest. I have 21 years of Higher Ed IT experience and some of my most satisfying contributions are the leadership activities in which I engage on a daily basis. It is a pleasure to be involved in the ongoing support and development of our excellent IT personnel, and to contribute to the Higher Ed leadership culture through my involvement in CUCCIO (Canada) and EDUCAUSE.

I am a faculty member of the EDUCAUSE Management Institute, a past faculty member of the EDUCAUS New IT Manager program, a graduate of the EDUCAUSE and CLIR Leading Change Institute (2016), the EDUCAUSE Institute Management Program, the Centre for Higher Education and Research Development (CHERD) University Management Course. I am also a Program Facilitator for the CUCCIO Canadian Higher Ed IT Leader Professional Development program, initiated in 2019.

I sit on a number of Boards and Advisory Committees, including the CANARIE Board, the ORION Board, the Guelph and Wellington Hospice Board, the CANARIE Cybersecurity Advisory Committee, the CanSSOC Steering Committee, and the CanSSOC Sponsors Committee (founding).

I love to contribute to the advancement of the Higher Ed IT sector, and as a resulted I have presented at a number of conferences including: the Canadian Higher Education IT Conference (CanHEIT), the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO), the Ontario Universities Computing Conference (OUCC now OHEIT), NERCOMP, the 2013 Atlantic Regional EDUCAUSE conference, and SIGUCCS symposiums. Some of my past Higher Ed roles and experiences include being past Steering Committee member and Program Chair with the ResNet Symposium and organization (now Student Technology Conference); a Program Chair and Logistics Committee Chair for the 2006 Ontario University Computing Conference (OUCC), past co-leadership of the EDUCAUSE Strategic Planning Constituency Group, three years as an elected staff member of the University of Guelph Board of Governors, a past 5 year elected member of the U of G Senate. 

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Approaching Leadership as Entrepreneurship: Lessons from LCI 2016
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    The author recaps her stimulating experience at the week-long Leading Change Institute 2016, focusing on the concept of entrepreneurial leadership and the promise it holds to address the challenges facing higher education IT and library leaders.

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