Gerry Bergtrom


Dr. Bergtrom is a Professor (Emeritus) of Biological Sciences and a learning technology consultant in the Learning Technology Center (LTC) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM). His research interests are in the field of molecular biology and evolution as well as in the area of learning technologies in the service of good pedagogy. He has taught required introductory courses and elective course for biology majors as well as advanced and graduate courses. With more than 33 years experience in instruction, he has frequently tested and incorporated pedagogically proven teaching technologies into his courses. Recently, he was the first instructor to designs and offer a blended course in the sciences (1). He also introduced and promoted the widespread use of student response systems (clickers) at UWM and uses them extensively in his own classes. Dr. Bergtrom is on the LTC team that presents the UWM Online and Blended Faculty Development Workshop ( At the LTC, he also conducts training workshops on different aspects of the UW-M course management system (D2L), the use of clickers, effective quizzing strategies, and best practices for student engagement and collaborative learning in blended and online courses. His articles on blended courses (1,2) and one the development of clicker-based learning objects (3) include examples of these practices. He has incorporated proven instructional technologies in his design of face-to-face, blended and fully online Cell Biology courses required for most majors in Biological Sciences as well as in the first semester of a two-semester high-enrollment face-to-face 'Foundations of Biology' course sequence for majors. 1. Bergtrom, G. (2011) Content vs. Learning: An Old Dichotomy in Science Courses. J. Asynchronous Learning Networks, 15 (1): 33-44. 2. Bergtrom, G. (2009) On Offering a Blended Cell Biology Course. J. Res Center Ed. Tech. 5 (1): 15-21. 3. Bergtrom, G. (2006) Clicker Sets as Learning Objects. Int. J. Knowl. & Learn. Obj. 2:105-110.

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