Jerry Olivas


I was born in Central California and raised in Southern California (Chula Vista). I completed my Bachelor's Degree at the University of California, San Diego, my Master's Degree at University of California, Santa Barbara, and my doctorate at Alliant International University (formally United States International University), San Diego. My doctoral degree is in Computer Education. For over 30 years I have run my own information technology business focusing on selecting and implementing technology in educational settings, business databases, and web enabled technologies. While consulting I have taught part-time at several universities including Webster University and California State University, San Marcos. Currently in addition to my information technology consulting, for the last 10 years I have served as an online Doctoral Dissertation Chair for University of Phoenix. I have also held administrative positions with the University of Phoenix (and other universities too). Throughout my career I have published numerous articles regarding the use of computer technology in education and have received several awards for outstanding professional accomplishments. For fun I surf, travel to interesting culinary locations worldwide, and support and assist my wife (Carole Bloom) who is the author of 11 very successful dessert cookbooks. Her specialty is chocolate, and I am the 'official' taster of all her fabulous creations.

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