Gerry Flynn


Gerard Flynn is the Associate Chief Information Officer at Pepperdine University. He directs all business and administrative aspects of the IT operating, ERP, and recharge departments including budgeting, financial operations, personnel administration for a team of 100 staff members, marketing and communication, contract management, and asset management. In addition, Gerard oversees Pepperdine's Client Services department which comprises: Application Management, Audio-Visual Technologies, Classroom Support, IT Training, Project Management, Tech Central (Help Desk), and the Telephone Operators. Gerard has an MBA and has taught ERP classes to staff, Instructional Technology classes to faculty, and Computer Science classes to students. He has co-authored two books: Succeeding in Business with Microsoft Office Access 2003: A Problem-Solving Approach and Succeeding in Business Applications with Microsoft Office 2003: A Problem-Solving Approach.

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