Jerry Krawczyk


Jerry Krawczyk, an ITIL Expert and certified project manager (PMP), is an energetic and insightful IT leader with unique, cross-industry, experience bringing a dynamic and business-centric approach to IT management and operational leadership.  Leveraging strengths in IT Service Management, Project Management and IT Financial Management, Mr. Krawczyk has the ability to clearly define and implement strategic priorities; to rally consensus across diverse functional, service and organizational interests; to foster teamwork and collaboration in order to maintain and implement new services. I am passionate about customer success as well as addressing complex challenges, driving results and having an impact Mr. Krawczyk received Bachelors of Arts in Mathematical Sciences and Mathematical Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara and received a Master of Science, Environmental Sciences from Johns Hopkins University. Prior to joining Penn State, Mr. Krawczyk was a Senior Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, an international management and IT consulting firm where his team delivered economic and business case analyses in supporting Department of Defense clients and strategic initiatives.

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