Gillian McKnight-Tutein


Gillian McKnight-Tutein is the Director of Innovative Learning Design and Quality in the Office of Distance Learning for Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C). In this role, Gillian is responsible for leadership in course development, and quality assurance of technology-mediated and distance learning courses. She is currently a designated mentor for the College’s Mandel Leadership Program. Gillian is dedicated to student success and has designed, developed, and taught several undergraduate and graduate level courses using open educational resources. She was recently awarded the 2011 Blackboard Catalyst Award for Exemplary Course and Cuyahoga Community College’s 2011 Professional Excellence Award. Her team won the 2012 Blackboard Catalyst Award for Communications Strategy. Gillian is the College’s Quality Matters Institutional Representative and has taken on a leadership role on the Executive Committee for Ohio Quality Matters (QM) Consortium that represents 58 member schools. She has served as chair on two of eight committees (Infrastructure and Technology, and Quality and Course Design) for the $2.2 mil Title III grant focused on academic support, infrastructure and technology, faculty preparedness and quality in distance education. Gillian received an award from the Society of Technical Communications for the Title III Blog: Going the Distance. Dr. McKnight-Tutein has worked in the elearning, and training and development fields for over 15 years, giving numerous presentations and was published this past year in Distance Learning. She earned her Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University in Instructional Technology and Distance Education.