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Gina Siesing is CIO and Constance A. Jones Director of Libraries at Bryn Mawr College. At Bryn Mawr, Gina leads a multi-disciplinary Library & Information Technology Services organization that supports faculty and students in maximizing the benefits of technology for learning and scholarship, that enables discovery and analysis of research materials and rich special collections, and that facilitates administrative functions College-wide. Gina's work focuses significantly on strengthening our consortial relationships within the Tri-College Consortium with Haverford and Swarthmore Colleges and across the higher education community. Gina is a strong advocate for the critical benefit of liberal arts education in the 21st century, both in terms of graduates' preparedness to contribute and lead in diverse professional fields and in terms of the values of mindful and engaged citizenship that are core to liberal arts learning and practice. Prior to joining the Bryn Mawr community, Gina directed the Educational & Scholarly Technology Services group at Tufts University, working with a phenomenal team to enable innovative and meaningful use of technology across academic contexts. Gina also served on the University Library Council at Tufts and co-stewarded the Tufts Digital Library program. Gina has been involved with NERCOMP actively for a number of years, most recently serving as Chair of the Nominating Committee for the Board of Trustees and as co-dean with David Wedaman and Colleen Wheeler of the Learning Organization Academy (

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