Giovi Roz


Giovanna Roz manages Instructional Media and Production for Brown University Computing and Information Services (CIS). She is part of the Academic Technology unit.

She holds a Laurea in Classics from Università degli Studi di Torino and a Master in Technology and Multimedia Communication (MATEC) from COREP. She is currently working part-time on a Ph.D. in Italian Studies at Brown University.

She arrived at Brown University in 1997 as a Visiting Scholar in Medieval Italian and Digital Humanities and in 1998 started working full time at the Scholarly Technology Group as a Research Analyst. She received her training in SGML and TEI from the Women Writers Project and collaborated with professor Massimo Riva on Decamen Web, Pico Project and more recently on the Garibaldi and Risorgimento Project

In 2002 she transferred to the newly formed Instructional Technology Group and started working there as an Instructional Technology Projects Coordinator. She was responsible for the Student Technology Assistant Program and managed student workers working on faculty projects.

In 2009 she was offered a management position and started the Media Production Group and the Media Production Assistants program. In 2014 Media Production was merged with AV Technology as part of one Media Services. Giovi is currently managing 3 media production staff and 2 Multimedia Labs staff and 15 student workers. The group continues to develop projects for faculty in the areas connected with video (hybrid teaching with video and animations, websites and blogs incorporating video and graphics, media digitization ...). 

Giovi is very interested in pedagogy and attended the Sheridan Center Teaching Seminar workshop series graduating as a Teaching Consultant in 2014. She has volunteered as a Teaching Consultant and Teaching Workshop Facilitator for 3 academic years in a row (2015-2018) and is currently taking a break to co-teach a seminar on Italian food history.

Her focus is on teaching methodologies for language teaching and on accessibility to teaching content. In the last years she has worked on closed captioning for campus videos and more recently on setting up Remote CART, in collaboration with Student and Employee Accessibility Services (SEAS). She is the recipient of the 2018 SEAS Facilitator Award.

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