Gleg Gleghorn


Dr. Gregory D. Gleghorn has worked in the information technology field for over 17 years; within IT, his specializations include network security architecture, network implementation, network design, and network support. Dr. Gleghorn has incorporated information security into his experience as the convergence of inter networks (voice, video, wireless, and data) has dictated somewhat of a pseudo mandate that all information technology networking professionals should seriously contemplate having InfoSec as a significant part of their skill set. After graduating with a B.S. degree in Internetworking technology from Strayer University in 2005, Dr. Gleghorn then received a M.S. degree, 2008, in network communication and management (concentration information security) from Keller Graduate School of Management. Dr. Gleghorn went onto complete a PhD, September 2011, in Information Security at Capella University. Dr. Gleghorn’s dissertation is titled: A Quantitative Examination of Perceived Promotability of Information Security Professionals with Vendor-Specific Certifications versus Vendor-Neutral Certifications. Dr. Gleghorn also published an article in January 2012 in the peer reviewed Research in Business and Economics Journal, under the same title as his dissertation; moreover a second article entitled Do these stock markets move together? An empirical study on India and its major trading partners was accepted in May 2013 for publication by the Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal of which Dr. Gleghorn is a third author. In addition to the above, Dr. Gleghorn has just completed two chapters for a soon to be published book entitled: Technology, Innovation, and Enterprise Transformation. The chapters of the book that Dr. Gleghorn wrote are titled: Business Competence of IT Professionals: A Critical Skill Analysis Filling the Expectancy Gap; A Literature Review and IT and Supply Chain Management. Dr. Gleghorn currently serves as a Director of IT infrastructure and support for South Piedmont Community College in Monroe, NC.