Guy Almes


Guy Almes directs the Academy for Advanced Telecommunications and Learning Technologies at Texas A&M University. His emphases there include campus cyberinfrastructure (including the integration of computing, data, and networking) and collaboration with LEARN, the regional optical network in Texas.

Prior to coming to A&M, Guy served as Chief Engineer for Internet2. While there, he emphasized coordinated engineering of Internet2's campus, gigaPoP/RON, and backbone layers. He also led the engineering of the Abilene network in 1998.

He was the founder and director of Sesquinet, an NSFnet regional network for Texas universities and research organizations. He has served as Chairman of the Federation of American Research Networks (FARnet) and Chairman of the Interconnectivity Working Group and the IP Performance Metrics Working Group of the IETF. He also chaired the IETF Nominations Committee.

Dr. Almes was a member of the computer science faculties at the University of Washington and Rice University. The author of many technical papers on operating systems and networking, his current research interests are in the design of advanced wide-area networks appropriate for supporting advanced university applications, network performance measurement and analysis, and the integration of advanced networks with advanced computing and data facilities into a holistic cyberinfrastructure.

Dr. Almes received his B.A. in Mathematics and Engineering, magna cum laude, and M.E.E. from Rice University and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Almes and his family reside in College Station, Texas.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Science DMZ: ECAR-WG Technology Spotlight
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    Science DMZ provides a network-architecture approach optimized for high-performance scientific applications and the transfer of large research data sets over high-speed wide area networks.

  • Big Data in the Campus Landscape
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    This series is a publication of the ECAR Campus Cyberinfrastructure (ECAR-CCI) Working Group. The topic of big data continues to receive a great deal of publicity because of its promise for opening new avenues of scholarly discovery and commercial opportunity.

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