Hannah Inzko


Hannah Inzko currently serves as the Senior Director of Academic Technology for Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. Prior to joining Wake Forest, Hannah served as the Director of Learning Innovation and Faculty Engagement at the University of Miami. She has over 12 years of leadership experience in higher education and aims to enrich teaching, learning and research through innovative uses of new pedagogical practices and emerging technology. She embraces the challenge of seeing a new idea or initiative through to fruition and building sustainable capacity along the way. Her management style intentionally focuses on team strengths and connecting to others through trust and inclusivity. She has been described as an energetic and enthusiastic IT strategist with a passion for teaching. Hannah holds a Bachelors of Arts in Film and Video Production, and a Master of Science in Education with a focus on Community and Social Change.

Hannah is a graduate of the Leading Change Institute, 2015, and the EDUCAUSE Learning Technology Leadership Program, 2011.

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