hari Kumar


hari stephen kumar is a teacher, storycrafter, and visioncaster. His routes include India, Yemen, Egypt, Arizona, and 19 consecutive winters in Massachusetts. His professional background involves a composite career weaving engineering, teaching, and the humanities. Since 2006 he has worked extensively with faculty, instructors, and trainers on developing innovative and transformative pedagogical practices. hari has been at Amherst College since 2014, where as Director of Instructional & Curricular Design Services he offers in-depth consulting on faculty pedagogical development, including coaching and feedback, instructional design, and authentic assessment of teaching and learning. He loves building communities of teachers and seeing teachers rediscover their love for teaching and learning. hari is a speaker and facilitator on emerging pedagogies for 21st-century liberal arts education, with a focus on inclusive teaching and whole-person learning. He is also an active scholar and teacher in critical cultural studies, specializing in performance-based research on issues of whiteness, politics, religion, gender, and mass media. When he’s not ideating or designing or teaching, hari enjoys long-distance road cycling, performance driving, tennis, and chess. hari brings inter-disciplinary pedagogical and organizational development perspectives that draw from his diverse career experiences. He worked at The MathWorks (makers of MATLAB) for eight years, then taught at UMass Amherst for six years where he specialized in writing- and speaking-intensive undergraduate seminars in critical theories and social action. At UMass he also worked for three years as an Instructional Media Consultant in Academic Computing. hari has earned two graduate degrees, in Electrical Engineering and in Communication. He is currently working on his Ph.D. in English. His research interests are in critical pedagogies, cultural politics, and performance studies.