Haysha Deitsch Deitsch


Haysha Deitsch is a New York based developer with significant experience and expertise from every aspect of the real estate industry. He is founder and CEO of Beechwood Acquisitions, a Real Estate Development and Acquisitions Company with strong market presence. This savvy entrepreneur uses his in-depth, practical approach to evaluate potential investments properly.

With rigorous attention to detail, Haysha Deitsch delivers superior first-hand knowledge, critical to accurately assess each investment opportunity. His company specializes in residential development in New York City and its outer boroughs, and the main focus is on mid-size luxury projects. His proven record of identifying neighborhoods with great upside potential has resulted in building some of NY’s most prestigious residential projects.

Low-risk high-reward acquisitions are also his target, and so far he has been successful in adding value to such properties and markets, by purchasing notes and foreclosures. In order to procure some of the best deal opportunities that have emerged, Haysha Deitsch utilizes his intimate local knowledge and broad contacts. With over 15 years of construction and development experience, he has provided invaluable expertise in both planning and execution of ground-up and conversion projects, and is continuing to thrive.