Helen Anderson


As an Instructional Designer for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University -“ Worldwide, Helen Anderson is a production coordinator that manages all content aspects of building an online course. She works with subject matter experts to create interactive online learning environments. She is familiar with and uses many different types of hardware and software programs, as wells as Web 2.0 and other technology tools to create stimulating and intuitive learning processes. She has conducted training sessions and presentations to her peers and other interested parties introducing new software and the aforementioned tools, as well as presented several times at the ERAU Worldwide conferences. As a 2013 Blackboard Catalyst Award Winner, she participated in the Poster Board Session at this year’s conference in Nevada. Having participated in numerous MOOCs, she was invited to be Content Manager for The Human Factor in Aviation MOOC (Embry-Riddles first MOOC). She was responsible for adding and adjusting content in the MOOC, as well as provide participant support throughout the 5-week course. For a period of four years, she was administrator (which included building, management, and maintenance) for three connecting regions in Second Life to establish ERAU's aviation presence in a virtual world.