Helga Bechmann


Helga Bechmann is project manager “Campus Innovation” and public relations at Multimedia Kontor Hamburg (MMKH), an enterprise of Hamburg´s six public state universities. MMKH provides support services for the digital transformation of campus administration and education. Established in 2002, MMKH has developed into a centre of expertise in eLearning and eCampus activities. MMKH is funded by the Hamburg Ministry for Science, Research, Gender Equality and Communities. MMKH´s annual conference Campus Innovation is a leading event in the German-speaking expert community. Moreover, MMKH is a partner in the HOOU network, Hamburg Open Online University.

Before joining MMKH in 2005, Helga worked at a northern German technology park, in the Kochi prefecture government (Japan) and at Universität Hamburg.

Helga studied English, American and Japanese Studies at Universität Hamburg, Smith College (Mass, USA) and Swansea University (Wales).