Herb Riley


I started my administrative IT affiliated career in high education is 1969 after receiving my MBA from Wayne State University.  Made my first professional presentation at CUMREC '72 in Milwaukee, WI -- "Automating the Data Entry Process for Admission Applications".   Still VERY active today (2023) being President and CEO of  my higher ed consulting firm dealing with best practices for systems solutions for the leadership of higher education.   I am fortunate and honored to have 25+ nationally acclaimed higher ed leaders who have an affiliation with our firm -  focusEDU.  CUMREC Frank Martin Award recipient (1992) and only Board member to be elected as President (one year) and Chair of the CUMREC Board for two consectutive years.  I am proud that CUMREC was the FIRST national association to recognize and hold an annual conference with the integration of IT and operational end-users.  I am proud that EDUCAUSE carries on the traditions established by CUMREC and that I can still play a significant role to improve IT services for students and higher ed leadership.