Herman vanderMerwe


Prof Herman van der Merwe calls himself a “recycled Geneticist”, but his previous Vice-Chancellor renamed him “e-Man” to capture his fascination for the use and management of technology in education!

Prof Herman is currently Deputy Dean of the Faculty Economic and Management Sciences at the North-West University, responsible for Teaching and Learning across all three campuses of the NWU. He is also the CEO of an expert centre called CUTE (Centre for the Utilisation of Technology in Education).

The Serious Games Institute, AppFactory and a community of practise in innovative teaching and learning with technology (iTLT) support his research initiatives and the empowerment initiatives of staff and students in a creative environment.

As a true Entrepreneur at heart, he stimulates entrepreneurship on Campus and in the University through the bhive Enterprise Development Centre.

The current Female Entrepreneurship programme of the NWU is his brainchild and is becoming one of the flagship and sought after short learning programmes at the NWU.

A research entity and Chair in Entrepreneurship is one of his dreams for the Faculty and the NWU!

In 2015 the North-West University recognised his contribution to innovation with an “Innovation Evangelist” award.

He is a keen nature lover and to recharge his batteries; he will do something in nature to listen to what the wind and the birds want to share with him.

“As a teacher, researcher, policy advocate, manager and leader, he is a visionary leader whose fascination with technology has been informed by his commitment to serving the highest ideals of people and education.” Prof Reggie Ncobo